vendredi 13 juin 2014


Chez Brahim/ Pictures by Me

I did not look for a berber house, she came to me. As i travel a lot for searching for new textiles, inspirations, people, places, i found myslef sometimes in such beautiful pictures of Morocco that it is hard to come back to reality. So, this is how I found Brahim. I was searching for real honey, natural one, because in Morocco, everything which concerns Olive Oil, Argan, Honey, is always someone who know someone honest in the south or north of Morocco who can supply you with good stuff. So those important ingredients will never be bought in a store because you eat it but you also treat small pains with it. so it is very important to be organic.

I think that, no I am sure that, this day was the beautiful day in my life. I was so calm and inspired by all this kindness that I will never forget this place and this family.

samedi 28 décembre 2013


Before landing in the mysterious corridors of this sublime riad, let me give you a piece of advice : stop over on their website, close your eyes and listen to this musical beauty. This is what I've done, waving my arms like a belly dancer (which I never would).

I love the paneled walls mosaic which mingle minimalism furniture, the fantastic view that would drive any writer in search of inspiration to write a new novel, lush vegetation regnant this kingdom and this always hovering mystery. ..

I swear to sleep one day.

mercredi 21 août 2013


Via Home My Design

I've never been to Taroudant. Well, once with my parents, 20 years ago, I was 10 and we used to travel a lot and eat some delicious brochettes and then leave for Marrakech. Now that the red city if full of everything, people wants to see new places like l'Ourika or Taroudant. The little Marrakech with its blue and pink streets surrounded by a thick battlements and people are so nice that you ask yourself if they want something in return. Well, no. So as I am the kind of people who run away from crowd, I was looking for a nice place where I can stay with my man and found this amazing place, like a mirage in the desert.

I love the minimalist colorful design interior. It is in the raw like in my dreams and the vegetation is present like they adapt the house to them.  

vendredi 12 juillet 2013


Picture via Google
I'm so jealous. First of all because my favorite city where I could live advitam eternam is Tanger and secondly because I'm not able right now to have a big house (i'm not accomplished). I couldn't be far from the Mediterrannean sea, the white walls, the big forests and the calm. Bruno Frisoni's home is very different from all the designed homes i've seen in Morocco, and the ones i present you, it is more about Art Deco. The one you can easily find here in Casablanca but rarely in the other cities. I love the view, sitting just here and doing nothing. Tangier is so inspiring you can't believe how much! Love the marble on the floor and the touch of color in sur-mesure furnitures (I I'm sure). Mediterranean heaven!